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How Do I Get Mods In

Potato Boggle

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Potato Boggle

Hey guys I just got GTASA today and I was wondering how I get mods into.

I bought it off of steam if that means anything.

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Potato Boggle

Come on somebody.

Can I get mods in with steam because I dont think i can.

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None of us have likely even used the steam version to even know if the game is

even structured the same way or controlled by the same things.


One thing is certain: You did not search and did not learn what to do whether

it's the steam version or not.


It's also definite that you have version 2 (I think steam version is 3 :x), which is not moddable

without downgrader patch, and we do not and Will Not supply links or information or instructions

beyond what it is: It downgrades your game to version 1.0, you must look elsewhere to acquire.


Once you're compatible to mod, or sure that you already are, then you must

Read the ReadMe files. whatsthat.gif

LUCK FOR A BUCK!!!!! f*ck Yea!


GTAF's Most Annoying Unbanned Member.

user posted image

bai. -jllr

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