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gta1 to gta2.gta3 to gta4


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did any one notice the things that are equal in gta 1 and gta3 and gta2 and gta4?

for example:

gta1-all about arcade

gta3-all about arcade

gta2-redifine the gta1 arcade to a more realistic fell

GTA4-redifine the gta arcade to a more realistic fell

that is what i think...

and other things are gta2 didnt have any characters from gta1 and gta london, and soo do gta4

and if gta 4 is a single game soo that is almost obvious that rockstar was tinking about this stuff in the past.

the grafics in gta 1 were lame

and in gta 2 rule

in gta3 lame

gtaIV rule

What everybody thinks???


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I think this needs to say unwritten. We all know things have changed. All GTAS Rock, and were not lame.

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