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Playing on HD TV (PS2 Related)


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Hey guys, was hoping for a little bit of help here.


I recently bought a HD TV it displays up to 720p/1080i and when playing San Andreas on the PS2 it obviously makes the game looks a little worse for ware.


Anyone got any advice about improving the picture quality?


I really want to start playing San Andreas again; I bought it on release date and unfortunately have never finished it. I am doing the last flight mission for Torreno (name?) and got frustrated and stopped playing it. but with GTAIV coming soon I would really love to finish the game off as playing it post GTAIV is going to be even harder I imagine.


Anyway my TV is a Sony Bravia 26” and I would like your expertise on how to make San Andreas look the best it can on the TV. I originally had a standard TV and going from that to widescreen is also a little weird, I notice that the Rockstar North titles aren’t true widescreen; instead they just crop the top and bottom of the frame to simulate widescreen. Which also means that the framing needs to be manually adjusted, kind of frustrating.


So am I best to switch it to widescreen or leave it standard? Any optional settings anyone can suggest to alter such as brightness or TV setting levels?


I am playing it through a PS2 with the packed in cables, I am also able to play it through my PS3 with HDMI cable but I am not sure if the game even works with a PS3 plus I don’t have the memory card reader so I would need to restart over.


I imagine this has surely come up here before so I figure who better to ask than the guys that would know.


Thanks in advance!

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Struff Bunstridge

The game should work in your PS3, but I don't know whether the faster processor would improve the picture quality to any great extent. Other than that, I'm afraid I'm stumped.

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