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To all admins -- mods, please help!


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Hi everyone. Back in '05 I believe (Maybe even before then) i had a username called helicopterproblem, apparently. I don't even believe I made any posts at all, if I did, I certainly did not make any to be banned, and if I did, I certainly haven't signed in for severeal years.


I regret having to create this alt, but I got a failure notice trying to contact the forum administraitor.


Apparently what happened was that since I had not signed in for over 3 years, my account was banned. This happened on another forum too. Another GTA forum, gtatv or something. I hadn't even posted 1 message over there, and I hadn't signed on for over 3 years, and I was banned when I finally tried to sign in again. But at least on that forum I could contact the forum admin, who then unbanned me. Unfortunately, the forum there is pretty much dead.


I'm asking PLEASE for an admin to just look into the situation here. I don't think I did anything for a bannable offensive, I think it was because I was inactive for so long. I just think its strange this happened twice now on 2 totaly seperate GTA forums.


Please don't ban me again unless I do a bannable offense.


Just look into the situation please, why I was banned,etc. You can email me at *removed*


The reason why I want to post here is because I'm stuck in GTA san andreas for the xbox. I cannot get past I believe to be the (first?) flying mission. It's called N.O.E or something. You have to fly under radar to not be detected, go through a red hoop, and go back to the landing strip and land. I cannot get past it. Any help would be appreciated.




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I've just searched the member database and there was no result for a member named 'helicopterproblem', unless i done something wrong tounge.gif.


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Right, on the 1st Jan '06 you joined with HelicopterProblem.


On Jan 7th, 2006, you were banned on grounds of harassment and douchebaggery as it's put.


So unless you've radically improved, you'll probably go the same way. Maybe you'll break your previous record. We'll see. Either way, I'm off to bed, so just a lock for now.

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According to your member log, you were banned for the following:


Andy: "DOMO ARIGATO MISTER ROBOTO? KAWASAKI WISHIWASHI HO HO HO! I'm done toying with you. Banned on the grounds of harassment and douchebaggery; next time you want to complain about a staff member, don't try to be a drama queen. You'll just get dethrowned. "


It's been two years, so I'll leave it up to Andy as whether or not to ban you again.


Moved to support...and locked.


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You were banned for this drama-whoring topic two years ago. You openly defied forum rules, complained when you got caught, "threatened to leave" (which you only did with my assistance), kept acting like an idiot, and then I did you in.


Long story short? You're not getting that account unbanned, and if I become aware of any new accounts of yours, I'll ban them too.




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