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recently i noticed that there are alot of cheap gta videos that have no effects or very cheap affects like useing san studios the wrong way by spawning peds and then putting them into ur gang wat comes out is a very cheap video that has been made very cheaply and no effort so lets incurage people to read the read me file for san studios i know its alot to read but it is worth it smile.gif and also wat really pisses me off is people useing windows movie maker lets get people to download sony vegas free on torrent warez or wat ever or buy the program and a section for video makeing for gta section in gta fourms thanks for ur time

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Hi, my name is anuj.


1) If you don't like it bring it up in the millions of topics regarding those videos.

2) If you made as much an effort to learn proper English as you did to rant about GTA videos, you'd be downright scholarly.

3) Don't tell people to illegally download software, you assbunch.


Warned, locked.

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