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Steam + Trainers = ? = Profit


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Alrighty. Let's get this discussion underway!


I need to know if there's a way to use crazy trainer with GTA SA If I'm running it on steam... I click launch, and it tells me it's not found, so i make a shortcut to the EXE, name it gta_sa.exe, as it is said in the error, and launch it, and it still gives me the error..So i run the trainer manually, start the game from steam, and still it's like i don't know if it's running..like the garage thing isn't working, or anything. So can someone just run me through what to do?

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I don't have a Steam version, but from what I have heard, it uses a different executable than the traditional one. So, renaming it to gta_sa.exe won't make any difference.

As for the trainer, I don't think it's designed to work for the Steam version.

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I think most trainers were designed for V1 of San Andreas.

Yeah, i think all was, but if you upgrade to V1.01 I think then you can't use trainers.

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