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[WIP] GTA San Andreas - GTA Vice City Rhino Tank

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Hey Gtapoptart,

has you made any updates for the wheels?

Will you ever finish?


Nope, we're waiting on a reply from Pinky, he said he might know how to fix it.


BTW- Thanks for the feedback everyone! wink.gif

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This is Pinky's statement on the wheel number-



Convert the wheel to a dummy and leave it in the front right wheel dummy now add your wheel in above it. You then copy your wheel separately to the other dummies. Only the wheel you converted to the dummy will now be duplicated to the other wheel dummies, and it is invisible now.

I don't know for sure how the dummies will react now with separate wheels as it may still double them up, in fact I am sure it does now I think of it as I have done other experiments with the tank.


Does anyone understand what he is saying? We don't quite understand/ confused.gif


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this looks to be a good mod with alot of effort been put into it... ill certainly try it out when its done and dusted.. soon i hope, if not allready...


but why do people allways seem to find fault where there is only trial and error in effect..


Its seems to me like alot of people in this forum need to chill out a little.... all i ever seem to see is "did you steel this mod","you didnt do this" "you dont know what your doing" and so on... why cant people just offer advice or prase where its due, or shut up... i would think that if i had spent a long time making anything, be it a model, texture, effect, or whatever.. i would see the faults in it and ither like it that way or not.. if i wanted help i would ask for it, but i surely wouldnt want people to tell me they think it sucks or its not good enough.


personaly i think this looks to be a good mod. i like the old vc tank style and i hope i can get this mod soon.


thanx for making models.. without new models gta-sa would start to suck.. i know i cant make a model to save my life.


keep up the good work




i realise i dont know a great deal about the whole modeling thing... but im sure you cant change the number of wheels on the tank because their is a number somewhere in one of the vehicle scripts that deals with chassis and so on... i.e there are different types of chassis and without changing the number that deals witht the tanks chassis you cant effectivly change the number of wheels...


i could be totaly wrong here.. im sorry if so... but i do remeber reading a post about this very thing on a germain site somewhere. but as we all know some things dont translate very well. and somethings are just wrong alltogether.


good luck.

Edited by yodaco

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Tommy Vercetti Fenix

looks very good in san andreas

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You just bumped a over one year old topic suicidal.gif

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How did he managed to bump this for ages old topic???

Can not understand confused.gif

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Hi, Jp245 and I are converting the GTA Vice City Rhino Tank to GTA San Andreas.

So far the model is nearly done.


user posted imageFinally got wheels on! Thanks a lot to <!--SS-->jp245 for adding wheels.<!--ES-->user posted image


We are also trying to make entering the tank like entering a normal car. (Opening the doors instead of Climbing through the top) But don't know if it will be included in the final release.


The only problem now is that we can't get rid of those wheels in the middle. Any help would be much appreciated.



Ok, well I've just came upon that In-Game there are <!--SS-->6 Wheels on each side. But, in the model/GGMM there are 3 on each side, and there are only supposed to be 6 wheels. (3 on each side)


user posted image


The wheels are also too skinny. But if we can get rid of the Extra wheels, we can go back to the original size. smile.gif Help would be Much Appreciated!<!--ES-->



We Finally got it in-game and added lights, just the wheels are going to need fixing!




user posted image


user posted image


Download Coming Soon! smile.gif

dude rhino looks beast is the download out yet? if it is please send it 2 me smile.gif

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Toghrul Rahimli

Man are you serious??? You are bumping 3 years old topic. Plus, author is not active since July 2010...

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