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Harrier Jet Code PS2

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Last summer My nephiew came to visit and I had forgotten the code for the jet so we got online and found some cheats for GTA sanandreas and our favorite cheat was the Harrier fighter Jet. It was really cool Ide even get to dog fight other jets when I go to aera which is not open yet.


Anyway I forgot the code so recently I started looking for it and I can not find it now. I do remember when I did find it in the past I had to go to about 5 or 6 sites before I found one that had that code. All of them had the code for the Hunter and Tanks ect.. But only the one website had the code for the Harrier Jet. I know because I memorized the code for months, I had even forgotten the code when my nephiew came over and had to look it up again and sift through all the sites that had every code but that one. But we found it after about 5 sites.


I had a question to anyone who may know. First ,, Why do so many websites have every cheat displayd except the Harrier jet code? Secondly What is the damn code I forgot??? I remember it was something like circle, circle, r1, r2, l1, l2, up, up, down, down, down,,..



Ive tried everything to remember it and do it again but that does not work and Finding that one site that had it is not happening.. Why the heck would all these cheat sites have all the rest of the codes but not that one?? Seems stupid... That being said maybe there is a code for the Fighter Jet in Vice city also..??



Maholo Nui Loa

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GameFAQs has the code look there

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All cheats are found over here.

Look for the Hydra spawn code. (Hydra = Harrier)

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