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For last 3 days i can't complete Film studio's 2nd mission. Though i can fly the plane, but still it seems pretty hard for me to solve it. Can anyone help regarding this matter. I mean is there any possibilities to skip this mission???


Boss.... Plz reply. I am wait for that.




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As Fuzzy said, use Dem's Time Vault Located here for your conveniance. It will pass the mission(s) for you and is available ant time you need it. Hope this helps.


btw, I decided to post a link to Time Vault to help others out who read this topic, as the original topic for Time Vault has been un-pinned from this section of the forums. and yes, this is for PC only-if on PS2, you would have to practice flyig the sea plane until you become sufficient enough at it to pass the mission at hand.

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Try navigating the plane by following the course in a direct path. This is best done by starting with the corona farthest north, and this will set you up for the rest of the other coronas. You could try by starting with the southern most corona past the airport, but you would end up probably wasting too much gas.

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