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fix frame limit guide!


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A lot of people have been experiencing issues running this game at a decent frame rate on modern PCs. The problem is that if the frame rate limiter is unchecked then the game will run super fast but when the frame rate limiter is checked that the game tends to be jerky and only runs at 25 frames per second.


I have managed to find the solution to this problem and tested this via windows xp and now my GTA 2 game is running at the full speed with no problems, anyway here is my guide as to what I did…


To run GTA2 at full speed:


Click on start, Run and type regedit.exe


Under the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" folder expand it to revel the SOFTWARE folder, expand that folder and scroll down all programmes until you see "DMA DESIGN Ltd" expand that to revel the GTA2 folder. Click on GTA2 folder to expand that and revel further subfolders.

Finally click on the screen folder then on the right side of the screen there should be files. Right click on the "Max_frame_rate" flie, click modify and change the value data to what ever max frame rate you want it to run. You can change the min frame rate too. I changed the max value data to 60 and the min value to 1.


this worked perfectly for me on windows xp GTA 2


post me replies and let me know how you get on, any problems and if it worked for you.


regards DarkYoda2k

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If has been mentioned before but still worth a post since it's not that easy to find. It doesn't matter what you set the value to since it only reads it as zero or more than zero, OFF or ON.

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on my pc with windows vista gta2 is too much faster... as fast speed of multiplayer... how can use normal speed?

on multiplayer i can use slow, normal and fast speed. on single player only fast speed -.-


frame limiter is set to on...

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