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Freezes while loading save file

Steve Crook

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I went to use Demarest's Uniquecall code tool to see which Unique Jumps I hadn't done yet.

I have used it before (quite recently) without any problem.


I saved my /data/main.scm and replaced it with the one from the Uniquecall set (as before)


But now, it starts up, asks me which save file I want to use and shows the progress bar at the bottom of the screen as it loads.


But then the progress bar stops half way - and nothing more happens.

I've left it some time to see if it will fix itself.

But it doesn't



So I restored from my saved main.scm and started the game again.

But the same thing happened! The progress bar freezes half way through loading the save game



Any idea what it might be or do I have to do a full re-installation?


Running on a Dell D620 laptop




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A bit more information ...


It's not just when I load a save file (any save file). It also happens when I try to start a new game.


I've uninstalled & re-installed. Same problem.

It freezes while it's showing the progress bar while it loads the game, a new one or from a save file?


Any suggestions?




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OK, figured it out.


When I rebooted, a window popped up saying that it was waiting until GTA VC terminated!

But I had already exited from GTA VC.

I had also stopped all the other applications I was running like my web browser & email client.

The Task Manager didn't show any copies of GTA VC (or any other GTA) running but something must have got confused and made the system think that there was a copy still running.


And that's why, when I did try to run it, it stopped half wat through the progress bar as it loaded




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