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Nothing Can Stop You

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The Unvirginiser




The Diary of Daniel Raynor


We were almost there, 29 thousand feet up. The top of Everest stood high above us.. But it did not look that mighty from this distance. We were almost there, the wind and was high and the temperature was low. We ignored it, we were almost to the top. Billy was just behind me.

“Were almost there mate! Almost!” he kept shouting.



We finally got to the top, and were shocked at what we found. A small man was already there.. Sat, in a pair of pants and a t-shirt with his back to us. In disbelief me and Billy looked at each other, we were in three coats each and thermals. This man was sat on the peak of Everest in a pair of shorts. We had been climbing for weeks and were the only people on the mountain, no way could a man have got up here, especially like that with no equipment. No footprints were around him, he was sat perfectly still on the highest point on the planet.



“Hello?” I shouted. The man slowly turned round.

“Hello.” He replied. “Finally you have made it, congratulations.”

“How the hell did you get up here?” Billy asked. The man smiled and winked.

“That is no concern of yours.”

“You are going to freeze to death!” I shouted. “Were is your equipment? How did you climb up here? We are the only people on the mountain.”

“ I did not climb up here.” This sentence baffled me. “I have come here to speak to you Mr. Raynor. When you make it down this mountain the world’s press will be interviewing you. Am I right in assuming that is correct?”

“I guess.”

“Well I would like you to, in full detail, to explain the events of today, specifically meeting me.” He smiled again.

“Wait! What is going on?” Billy interrupted.

“Just listen. You are looking at the most powerful being in this universe, consider yourself lucky in meeting me face to face.”

“What is your name? You are going to die of hyperthermia!” I shouted.

“I do not have a name, names are a way of distinguishing each other individually, everybody on Earth will know me soon enough. I do not need a name, everybody will know who they are referring to when discussing me.”


I was bewildered, how did this man get here and what was he talking about.

“I am a human, blood and bone, but I have far surpassed human abilities. I have travelled to the edge of the universe, and yes there is an edge. Beyond that is nothingness, no colour, light, just nothing. I have encountered beings and creatures that I cannot describe in words. The English language at least. There is things in this universe that even I cannot explain. But of all the magnificent things that are out there… nothing is quite as magnificent as me.

You see, I have no limits, tiny things like atoms cannot prevent me from doing what I want. I could rip this mountain to shreds right know if I wanted to.”

My mouth was wide open, something told me this man was not bullsh*tting.

“ The world is going to know my awesome power, and its going to start with you telling the press about me. I want you to tell them exactly what I have told you. Soon I am going to do something amazing… it is going to stun the planet and they are going to realize the powers that I possess. ”

“ I realise that I have shocked you Mr Raynor, and you Mr Cardiff.”

This man knew both our names.

“ I have learned everything. I have learned how to shape and bend time, I can make a moment last forever. I have heard the heartbeat of the universe. There is no past, no future, and no time like the present… if you would excuse me gentleman, I have a great deal to do. ”



After finishing this sentence, the man took a few steps backward, turned around, and jumped off the mountain. Me and Billy ran to the edge, he fell and then suddenly, flew, like a bullet around the mountain. We watched in disbelief as this man circled us a hundred feet above us. Then he quickly turned direction and shot straight upward above the clouds and out of sight.



The Next Chapter will be up soon... please let me know what you think so far and discuss

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I read it. I'm not much into super-hero or anti-hero-like fanfics, so I don't know if I'll continue or not.

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I just read it (I like super-hero stories), and I think it's a good prologue. Can't wait to see what happens next. Keep it up.

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The Unvirginiser

Chapter One



The cameras were rolling, everything was going to plan. The young journalist behind me was watching in anticipation. Next to him was the cameraman and the helicopter pilot. We were hovering just outside of Holyfield airbase. I looked over at the military jets and the apache helicopters, this was perfect.

“How far are we from New York city?” I asked the pilot.

“About 15 minutes in the chopper.” He replied.

“I hope this is worth it, its took a lot of trouble tog et the chopper for the day.” The journalist said.

“I have already given you enough money for it to be worth your while no matter what happens. Trust me, in a few minutes you will be in possession of the most valuable piece of footage on Earth.” I answered. I could tell that he did not believe me.

“Are you ready?” I asked the three men. They all nodded. “ I hope you can keep up with them jets.” I said to the pilot.

I gave the camera a nod and then jumped out of the helicopter. I felt the wind rush past me as I fell, the ground approached faster and faster, but suddenly I changed direction and darted straight forward. I flew straight over the high walls of the airbase and straight in to one of the hangers. I landed at the foot of a AV-8 Harrier. A pilot was just climbing in to the cockpit, perfect timing. The rest of the people in the hangers looked at me in disbelief, I ad just flew in and landed in their hanger. As predicted within seconds an alarm was sounding throughout the base.

I quickly climbed the ladders and grabbed the pilot, as if he was a Barbie doll I snapped his back backwards. I threw the man, know in a 90 degree angle to the floor. I climbed in to the cockpit and started the plane. With precise skill I hovered it out of the hanger, a few feet from the floor. Within seconds the airfield was surrounded by men with machine guns. I turned the joystick and opened fire, rotating in a circle, firing at all men in site. Bullets from all directions hit my plane, I couldn’t stay here for much longer, little did they know that I was only getting their attention.

Other planes emerged from the hangers, now was the key moment, I fired two missiles in to the control tower. The powerful explosion made it collapse to the ground in a heap of smoke and fire, I then pulled the plane out of hover mode and shot off in to the sky, towards New York city. The jets gave chase, as well as the news helicopter. The pilots will all be dead within fifteen minutes, my plane will be destroyed within 2 minutes and about a hundred thousand people in New York City will be dead within half an hour. The world is going to witness my true power, nothing can stop me.

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Great story, I read the original last week. Keep posting this, don't let it fall back and I'll hopefully keep reading it.



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The Unvirginiser

Chapter Two



Bravo two took off from the ground, vertically upwards in the harrier jet. Bravo Seven and Walker 14 followed behind. Jack Harris in bravo two picked up the radio.

“Cease your hostilities and land the plane or we will be forced to destroy you.”

Jack was given orders to issue the final warning before opening fire above the thousands of houses in the suburbs below.

“Shoot me down, you cannot stop me.. Nothing can stop me, you and your team stand down or I will be forced to murder you all.” The voice replied calmly.

“Your already less than pro piloting skills are no match, now stand down no more lives will be lost.” Jack answered back.

The cold voice laughed. “ I do not need this plane to murder you, shoot if you must but people below will likely die and I will kill all of you one by one.”


“Take him down Bravo” The order was given.


Jack armed the missiles. They locked on to the plane in front and were ready to be fired. Jack took one look down at the endless rows of green gardens and houses below. Then he took a deep breath and pushed the button on top of the joystick.


The two AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles burst out of their holders. They zoomed through the air and towards the stolen Harrier in front. Inside the mysterious man who had just murdered 28 people at Holyfield airbase knew the missiles were coming, he did not flinch or attempt to swerve the Jet out of the line of fire. Instead he concentrated.

“The fire will not burn your skin… The explosion will not damage you in anyway… the gravity will not send you to the ground.”


“Affirmative on the strike Command. Debris falling towards suburbs, please dispatch emergency services immediately.”

“Don’t feel bad Bravo it was a necessary risk.”

Jack slowed the jet down and surveyed the large fire ball in mid air. Then very suddenly something seemed to shoot out of it, straight up in to the sky. Jack thought he was seeing things, a man had just flew out of the fire, vertically and was now hovering above the fireball.

Walker and Bravo had seen it too. They broke off and circled the man in mid-air.

“Command the passenger seems to be floating in mid air, I repeat, the pilot appears to have flown out of the wreckage and is now floating in mid air.”

“I can confirm that Command, I can’t believe what I’m seeing here.” Bravo seven added.

“Are you two out of your god damn mind?”

“No Command, but the news chopper we reported seems to be catching up now.”


A very loud booming voice filled the air which almost deafened the pilots.

“I warned you to stand down, now your lives will be necessarily lost!”

The man in mid air shot, just like superman to Walker 14, Jack watched as he seemed to rip the jet in half. The pilot side went straight down towards the ground below.

“I’m going down repeat I’m going down!” Walker screamed over the radio.

The cockpit shot down with pieces tearing off as it fell spinning and tumbling. Jack listened to Walker’s desperate screams as he plunged towards the earth.


“Requesting assistance command, walker 14 down!”

“We can see that Bravo, Strigon team and the rest of Bravo and Walker are en route ETA 2 minutes.”


The man was holding the tails section of Walker 14, as if it was made of sponge he spun round and hurled it towards the nearby Bravo seven. The two collided and erupted in to a massive fireball sending pieces of debris everywhere.

Jack had seen enough, he but the plane in hover and lined up his target. He fired the deadly machine guns capable of tearing cars to shreds at the man hovering in mid air near the explosion. The bullets went straight towards him but seemed to bounce off him. Quickly he flew straight towards Jack’s plane, straight through the line of bullets.


It all happened too quick, Jack didn’t know what to do, he hesitated. Before he knew it the man was on top of the plane looking down through the glass at him. He the put his fist straight through the glass and pulled Jack out by his helmet. Thousands of feet in the air the man snapped Jack’s back in half as if he was a twig and then dropped him and let him tumble to the merciless ground below.


The journalist was going to be a millionaire, he pointed the camera straight to the man’s face that was floating above the hovering plane. The strange man smiled and then pointed to the flock of jets that were heading full speed towards where the chopper was. With a wink the man flew backwards as fast as a whip cracks, as requested the journalist radioed to the New York HQ, he suggested that they might want to have all available choppers ready, something big was about to happen.


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Sweet man, just read this, and it looks great. Keep on posting chapters, I'll be sure to read them.


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Hey, I think you should finish this. Your description of what would have happened sounds great to me, I'd love to read it in proper story form rather than just a brief description over PM.


Carry on icon14.gif

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The Unvirginiser

This is Melissa Hamilton reporting live from Liberty Island, New York. What has only been described as a "flying man" is apparently heading to New York city. What we are about to show you was recorded moments ago, a man flying through the air and destroying a squadron of US Air Force planes.

As you can see behind me, several news choppers are already circling Manhattan, anticipating the arrival of this “flying man”.

In the last few minutes over fifteen jets have arrived and have fortified themselves, hovering at different points over Manhattan and the harbour area. Tanks and military vehicles have poured in to the streets of New York and set up strategical posts.

Whatever happens you can be sure that CNN will be here to record all the footage for you.

Here is the recently recorded clip that you have all been waiting for.

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Very nice work man. The chapters aren't excessive and I can take more in, though I doubt I'd have a problem anyway. icon14.gif That little snippet was intriguing too, I await the next chapter.

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