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Modding Vice city...


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What?? Haitian friendly? What are you on about? I sure hope you're not trying to

play like a kMart mom in here. monocle.gif

LUCK FOR A BUCK!!!!! f*ck Yea!


GTAF's Most Annoying Unbanned Member.

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bai. -jllr

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creative madman

there is a "Haitain friendly" version of Vice City, or so ive read, basically it removes some of the script from the game, that could be abstractly interpreted as genocide-esque instructions from the game-play


"Kill the Haitians" i think it was


i was unaware there was a PC version of the Haitian Friendly version


my guess is it would be moddable


if youve got it, why not just back up and try? whats hte worst thats gonna happen?

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