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Seotaiji and boys Korea Legend singers.

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1nd Album

I know.[dance music]


you in imitation[??]'';[techno music]


2nd Album

Hayoga[crosover music]


to you[ballad music]


3nd Album

dreaming bal hae[ballad music]

=>this song's message is south korea and north korea must reunite peacefully.


we fight school education.[rock music]


we fight school education.[rock remix music]


4nd Album

come back home[hiphop]


1996, When They Ruled the Earth [hiphop]


sad and pain[ballad music]


Shi dae yu gum [rock&hiphop]


pil Seung[rock]



6nd album

Feel the soul[rock&rap]


Feel the soul[remix music]


7nd album

Robot [rock& ballad]


Livewire [Rock]


F.M Business[ROCK&RAP]



whe is he??

Seo Taiji is a legendary Korean singer and musician. He was formerly part of the legendary trio Seo Taiji & Boys until the group disbanded in 1996. After the group's breakup, he went on to release solo albums and produce other artists and bands such as Nell and PIA.



After leaving Sinawe in 1991, Seo Taiji switched gears and formed the dance group Seo Taiji & Boys (¼­ÅÂÁö¿Í ¾ÆÀ̵é) with dancers Lee Juno and Yang Hyun Suk. The group released four studio albums before offically disbanding in January of 1996. After the break up of the group, Seo Taiji moved to New York City where he worked on his first solo outing.


[edit] 1998-2000

1998.07.07 - Released his 1st solo album Seo Taiji 5th

2000.09.08 - Released his 2nd solo album Ultramania

2000.09.09 - Comeback concert held at Fencing Stadium (Ææ½Ì°æ±âÀå)

2000.12.31 - Japan's NHK channel televises "Seo taiji Documentary"

[edit] 2001-2003

2001.04 - Released his 1st live album Seo Taiji Band Live Album 2000/2001

2001.10 - 2001 ETPFEST opens

2001.10 - Released his 1st single Feel The Soul

2002.10 - 2002 ETPFEST opens

2002.10 - 2002 Mania Festival opens

2003.02 - Re-released his live album Ultramania Re-recording & '02 ETPFEST Live

[edit] 2004-2006

2004.01 - Released his 3rd solo album 7th Issue

2004.01.27~29 - Held his "'04 Live-Wire" concert for 7th Issue. American bands Korn & Static-X also performed.

2004.02.27 - KBS Special airs a "Seo Taiji Special". Seo Taiji is reunited with Yang Hyun Suk and performs on stage with Nell, PIA, Wheesung & Se7en.

2004.03 - Held a concert in Vladivostok, Russia entitled "Seo Taiji Live in Vladivostok"

2004.06 - Held his "ZERO" Live tour

2004.09 - Has been given the title of "honorary professor for art and culture" at China's Beijing University

2004.10 - 2004 ETPFEST opens. Hoobastank, Christopher Taylor Band & Zebrahead were the foreign bands who performed that year

2004.10 - Taiji Brick (version 1), a lego-like action figure of Seo Taiji, sold out one minute after the company accepted pre-orders.

2004.12 - Released his 3rd live album Seotaiji Live Tour Zero 04

2004.12 - 2004 Mania Festival opens attracting more than 20,000 audience

2005.12 - Released his 1st DVD Seotaiji Live Tour Zero 04

2005.05 - Taiji Brick (verison 2) available from May 27

2005.08 - Seo Taiji makes a virtual appearance for 5 minutes in a video conference at 2005 Mania Festival opens

2005.11 - released his DVD 2004 Seotaiji record of the 7th with a record of 30 thousand pre-sale orders in 3 days

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