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[snp] Freefall (v1)

Mike Scrase

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Mission: Freefall


Link: http://gtasnp.com/7334


Notes: Having big trouble with this one. Read somewhere that the plane you're supposed to intercept stays still in the air, but I've found that it does not do this at all. I apollogise if my version of the game is not the one I've stated in the title of this thread, I've checked to try and find out what version of the game I have, and I couldn't find any mention of what version of it it was on the box, properties for the program, or the disk itself, so I'm just assuming it's version 1. Sorry if this is an incorrect guess, but I really don't know where else to try to find out what version I have. Thankyou to anyone who can help in advance.

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i havent actually done that yet. would you be able to help me with mine on the monster mission and i will have a go at yours

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I can do that...

For: Mike Scrase

Mission: Freefall

Helper: JAJ

Link: <savegame


$15000 & respect gained mission reward

There's a phone call waiting.

Enjoy the rest of the game!



The plane is stationary but when you approach it, you 'trigger' it to start moving.

You do have Version 1.

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Thanks so much dude. Oh, and Gta_crazy_08, I guess I could that for you, but I only barely managed to complete the mission myself; 6:13 if I remember correctly (although to be fair I don't consider that to be too bad since it was my first try on the mission)

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