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The Bridge that ate my Homies


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Ok ppls...this is the lower bridge just east

of Blueberry (I think)...most of you should

recognize it...me and a homie got our car

knocked into the water, had to swim a

long way, directly UNDERNEATH this bridge

on the south side is a very small area that

you can exit the water...however for CJ to

get up to the road he has to go BACK DOWN

almost to the water on the west side to go

around the vertical supports of the bridge...

and thats just asking too much from a homie!

Check out the results. First time was an

accident...took three homies wit me the

second time and it worked again! Yay Me!

If you go back underneath the bridge you can

see little homie feet running around just

under the bottom surface of the bridge.

I'm on PC!







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CJ and his "army of Munchkins". lol.gif What were they saying? "Hey yo..CJ..give us a boost, y'all"!

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