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help needed with "txdworkshop"


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ive just gotten a fender guitar mod that replaces the shotgun[chromegun.txd and .dff] and i wanted to mess around with it[it worked like a charm] so i exported some of the .bmps in the texture file and edited them with photoshop and saved them[without changing the format] but alas, when i tried importing them back in txdworkshop, something i thought i could trust, it gives me some sh*t saying "stream error". i dont see why it needs to do that if the format of the file wasnt changed before importing. please help and tell me if i did something wrong and if i can do something to get over the problem. thanks in advance guys!

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Saving in bitmap format in Photoshop will give TXD Workshop the 'Stream Read Error' you mentioned. To workaround this, either save to .PNG format in Photoshop, or open your .bmp file in MS Paint, then save as bitmap over the original. Then TXD Workshop should import your new file without difficulty.


By the way, I'm pretty sure this has been asked before - heck, that's why I know how to fix it. biggrin.gif Use the Search feature - it's more useful than you might think.

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