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GTA SA Won't Open!


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Well I just installed GTA SA w/ sound and when I try to open it, there will be a loading sign next to the mouse pointer and then nothing happens. Whats wrong? I did the Ctrl+Alt+Del to check if the process is there but it wasn't. Like I said, Whats wrong? I don't think anything is wrong with the graphics because I played this game on my computer before but then uninstalled it. Please Help! btw, I have Windows Professional Service Pack 2. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950



EDIT: I downloaded it and installed it then replaced the gta_sa with the crack. I did this a couple months ago and it worked that time. Why not this time?

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Don't double post. Use the EDIT button.


Tyr reinstalling the game and run the game in Windows 98 compatibility mode.

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