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Graphics Issues, Please Help


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Well you see whenever I run my version of GTA SA (2.00) it starts up just fine, the intro movie plays perfectly, but THEN when i get to the main menu (start game, options, quit game) everything starts flashing, the text becomes barely readable, and random sprites appear on screen repeatedly. i am running on Windows Vista Home Premium, with an Intel® 82945G Express Chipset Family Display Adapter (video card), dual core Intel® Pentium® D CPU 2.80 GHz, and i dont currently know how to check my RAM (anyone know how?). I have tried every capatability option available and nothing has fixed it, the game is actually playable, but since everything flashes a lot, and sprites are appearing out of nowhere, it is VERY VERY annoying, and therefore makes the game practically un-playable. someone please tell me a way i could possibly fix this

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i already did. you do mean right click the GTA desktop shortcut, clicking properties, then clikc the capatbility tab, and choose the different operating systems from a drop down list right? if not please elaborate. but i already tried that method with every other operating system suicidal.gif

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Why are you even trying to help the thread starter? All he's gonna say is "The solution has not fix my proiblem" or something similar. It's like trying to tell a baby what to do and expecting positive results. And see this is why I stop posting my own advices that should have always work.


The only way to accurately fix the thread starter's problem is if you were sitting beside his actual compiter and doing it by yourself since he may know nothing about computers.



The best advice for this thread is this: "Send us a remote assistance invitation since you probably won't even listen to us when we say to you that you must update your graphics card driver, and becase you may be afraid to do so."

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well gee thanks you jackass, you didnt have to be so hard. but i tried upgrading everything, but it said it was all up-to-date and so i ran a capatability check to see if my comp was capatible with san andreas, and every except my video card was above recommended, so what im going to do is buy the latest nvidia geforce grapics card, cause i also called my video cards manufacture and it turns out there were video cards made in 2005 that were better than what i got. and out of curiosity, a ran a capatibility check to see if my system was able to run vista, and it didnt even meet minimum requirements because of my video card even though my system is ran on vista, so i figured out the problem, thanks for trying to help

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