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FRAPS Game Recorder


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When I record my game using FRAPS, it won't record any sound, I even have my sound settings set so that they record the sound...any help?

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This should be in Tech & PC Chat.


What version of FRAPS do you have? What operational system do you have?

Windows XP, and the latest version of FRAPS

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open up the volume control panel (for WINDOWS).




select recording (edit: and make sure everything in the box below that is checked), then press ok.


Now you can see what your recording device is. You want to select "stereo mix", "what you hear", "wave output" or whatever your sound card calls it.


Then it should work.


edit: keep in mind this will set it to record all sounds going through your system. This includes mic chat, windows notifications, etc.


Also, maybe this is what you were talking about, but you were kind of vague as to what your "sound settings" were.

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i always choose wave out mix for the sound recording in the windows sound settings


what it does is records the sound internally

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