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Error in texture...


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Hi. I not speak english, sorry... blush.gif

This problem:


Screen in game:



Screen in 3dsmax:



help me!!!


Mine script KAM'S script




Tworze model budynku. Wszystko sz³o g³adko lecz przy jednej ¶cianie (s± w tym drzwi) to jak nak³adam teksturê i odpowiednio ustawiam to w 3ds max jest ok lecz gdy w³±czê gre to ta tekstura jest ¼le na³o¿ona, tzn jest rozci±gniêta w kilka stron i nie doka³dna, tak jakby ka¿dy faces by³ osobno teksturowany... Co zrobiæ aby by³o dobrze (równa tekstura) ? Mój skrypt to KAM'S script...


In translate:


Model of building cure creature. Everything it went at one in (to) page (s) doors cure it smoothly ¶ ( ± it ) cianie it cure doors it at one in (to) page (s) ¶ ( ± it ) cianie as I impose texture and I put it be in (to) properly ok 3ds max but < cure > when it is imposed this texture ± w³ czê gre ¼le, i.e. there is to several part ± rozci gniêta and not exact, so as if each was apart faces teksturowany. Make that was it equal texture in order to well < goods (right) > ( )¶ My script it KAM'S script.

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If you copy and paste your words into a translator, people will be able to understand, assess, and help you with your problem. using an online translator, translate your problem into English, and then re-post in this topic. biggrin.gif

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