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Are you going to san fierro?


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Ive seen a number of topics with this same problem. i tried downloading some other saved files but those dont seem to work. i think im running version 1.0 but im not completely sure. Is there another way around this problem I was hoping? instead of another saved game file? anyway heres mine..


Mission: Are you going to San Fierro?

Link: http://gtasnp.com/7278





Hey I got the game to work by turning my in-game anti-aliasing settings on. This might work for others having this problem too. Also i deleted gta_sa.set file too, that made the game flicker, before turning anti-aliasing on. Im not sure though if deleting gta_sa.set has anything to do with helping fix the problem.

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OR do you modded the game?

SA BMX 32, you talk like Mongo from the movie Blazing Saddles biggrin.gif


I'll go ahead and do the mission for Fosco

nevermind, Fosco got it to work, good job icon14.gif

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