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Help With a Save!


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The version of San Andreas I have acquired is Version 2.0.


I have downloaded a Save File that is unmarked for which version it could possibly belong to.


I tried running it on my game. What happened was that as soon as it loaded, I was at the beginning with the BMX and the alley, in the middle of the enemy gang territory.


Immediately I suspected I had a Version 1.0 save, so I used P.D. Escobar's converter for save files which changes the identifier of a Grand Theft Auto save file from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0.


I reloaded the game. It still didn't work, but in a different way this time. After a few seconds in loading, the screen reads, "LOADING DATA" or something like that. And then it crashes with the universal "SEND ERROR REPORT" message.


Help is welcome. PLEASE.


My theory is that the I.D. converter only converts I.D.s and what I have is a Save File that needs a conversion of many other things. But I cannot prove this because I am a relative newbie at this stuff and I have no idea what is required to do the conversions.


Once again, help?




Oh yeah, I've seen this topic before on the forums. The difference here being that I want to use the safe file I've found because it is unique.

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If the save file was made on the original version 1 scripts, then it may be possible to convert it. Upload to http://gtasnp.com/ and post the link. If it was made from a modified script, though, you will need those scripts to be able to load it.

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