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vcm modding help !


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so i have this lamborghini countach that i want to put into my game, i have vcmm and this unzipped folder and all it has in it is countach_5000s.vcm


how do i get the mod into vcmm ? ive tried open with > vcm , it just comes up with the vcm program with nothing in the list and no options to install the mod i want to.


how do i get the mod into the game ?


thanks alot



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Get thee to the modding section.... http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?c=22


I'm going to lock this rather then move it... I'm betting if you read around a little bit you will figure out how to do it, if not... post over there in the correct section... this section is only for unmodded versions of VC...






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