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Sig. Request (with guidlines)


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Name: The name i would like in the sig is Hawkstorm182

Size: I'm not really an expert on the size issue but i believe the maximum size is 500x150. so close to that but obviously not any larger.


Theme: I would like sort of a moodboard type design of different screenshots. But sortof faded and rough looking not all pretty and colourful. What i mean by that is like i want it to look serious and sophisticated reather than cartooney. i would Like the shape to be a long oval rather than a rectangle so like (________) so its not really round just with round edges and with the name in a smaller rounded rectangle attached at the bottom with the official gta IV logo as the background of the smaller one not the larger though.


Resources: I would like this picture as the background if possable to look sort of transparent as appose to really bright, with the other screen on top, or the main parts of the screen like Niko or the helicopter etc.


or if you think it looks better.



Here are some useful links to screen i like if you find any you think would look better than be my guest to include them.






As i said you dont have to use all of them or if you decide another screen would look better go ahead and use it by all means.


Colors: Well i would ideally like a black border round the rounded rectangles and the hawkstorm182 name in black although if you use a black logo white would be fine for this text.


Additional info: I cant really think of anything else if you can than as i have said do include it as you are the creative people not me tounge.gif.


Thankyou in advance to anyone who has a go. smile.gif


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Just to add.


you have to wait 10 days until you can make a new one, or it will get locked.



Uh Deuce Deuce said the same thing.


Well, where did he say that. He didn't say why it was gonna get locked, so i said why dozingoff.gif

Edited by gtamodder
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Since your topic was locked yesterday, you have to wait 10 days until you can make a new one wink.gif .

Uh Deuce Deuce said the same thing. moto_whistle.gif

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Your request topic from just yesterday was locked, this one will be too. Either take the one I made for you, or leave it. Read the Rules.

Will do mate thnx.

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