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Sounds missing


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Ok, i play this game like a hundred times and one day i was checking the .wav files and i found a lot of conversations that doesn't appear in the game, like phone calls with Mercedes and other characters, and more.


What the HELL is that??????

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If you downloaded, probably it's ripped, so it doesn't work.

If you bought it, you might have wait for the calls. It's sometimes random, and I even got calls after I finished it 100%

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I think he means the files were not used in the game, not that the game is malfunctioning....


He didn't confirm or deny the game is downloaded...


I think this is a good place to point out the forum rules... http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=137906


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Yeah, is a rip blush.gif . But the only things ripped are the radio stations and the cut scenes audio.

The rest of the audio is complete but some .wav files don't trigger and i don't understand why. dontgetit.gif

So i ask: Why this is happen? Can somebody tell my? Anyone? tounge.gif

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