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2 Questions.. Are you going to be able


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To hang people off buildings if they dont give you the information you want to hear? And be able to throw them off and pull out your binoculars and watch them hit the ground, get to ground level and see their guts splattered out on the floor?


And my other question is, I used to love the perfect handling in GTA 3, in vice city and SA all the cars would do is roll.. It was kind of pointless it annoyed me, whyd they make it different from the first when GTA 3 had it right.. the first time? I used to love flipping U'es inside a 1-2 lane radius. It is so annoying i hope they make the perfect handling like the first GTA3 game.

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Jesus..... Common THINK before posting.



1. You throw them off. That's it. You may see them on the ground. No splatter. I guess you're into that sh*t, since you want to fly a plane into the Twin Towers.


2. The handling has been 'majorly tweaked'. That's all we know.

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Even though this topic is kinda dumb.. I wouldnt mind hanging people upside down by there legs off of buildings. Kinda like in the begining of New Jack City..Maybe you can interrogate someone and try to get information from them. And after they crap their pants and tell you what you need to know, you can let go of their legs and drop them.


Or hang them over a bridge and drop them. Like in New Jack City. Sorry i just like that movie. And when i say hang, i dont mean hanging them by a rope. I mean you holding on to them and then you could let them go or pull them back up, and kick the crap outta em some more..sighh, i wish i could hibernate for 4 months.

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