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Passing the Paramedic Mission


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  • 6 months later...
On 1/10/2008 at 8:13 PM, Steve Crook said:

Especially when you run over the very last patient.

Even a nun would swear if she did that devil.gif




Yeah but run over means pull up next to the patient and they run into the side of the ambulance so fkn retarded 

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  • 1 month later...

I did it yesterday, it was hard, 495 people saved :)

I understand why some people may complete it few tries and dont understand why it so hard, i wasnt so lucky 😛
Failed many times in Portland[time limit, flipping ambulance by my error or thanks to other drivers], tried 2 times in Staunton(first fail was level 4 when dropping patient off in hospital run him over, next time i always reversed to circle, next attempt i made to level 11 but then my ambulance was damaged and exploded) i see why some suggest second island but it takes so much time to do it here, so i made decision i better fail 10 times in Portland then do it here again. At this point i was good driver and didnt flip ambulance at high speed and after few more tries did it in Portland, got okey spawns(24 second was worst but usually 26, 28).

Portland- worst is time, before paramedic do taxi missions/hunt to hidden packages/drive around to know map better, where you can cut etc.

Staunton- time is not problem so you can drive carefully and even if dont know map you should do it, avoid cartel if you dont have patient there. Problem is it takes really long time to complete so you may make mistakes whats add up( crashes, drive near cartel to make it faster etc).

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If you feel driving the ambulance was hard, my approach on this is quite simple, really. Drive "slowly", just like it says when you first started the mission. Don't rush too hard. Or, alternatively, you could just modify the ambulance handling. Ryadica's RE: LCS' ambulance handling, to me, could be useful for replacing the original, just need some adaptation on the far line (a line after the suspension lines that I forgot the name of it) of the ambulance. 

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  • 1 month later...

 Heyyyy 😋

Thank you a lot for this amazing guide!!!! I certainly would have struggled a lot more were not for this guide and all your useful comments!

Just to add a couple of things from my experience, I hope to contribute a little bit if someone hasn't decided where to start:

*Staunton is definitely easier by many factors, even if it's the one that takes longer. I attempted Portland with hostile triads and it was awful, the times my ambulace wasn't on fire because of the Triads it was the winding streets or the lack of time. If you have hostile gangs active, Staunton is undoubetly best option.

*There is more room for mistakes in Staunton even if it's tiresome to go for the first patients that are really far away at the beginning, it pays off at the end with its generous times.

*Take this with a grain of salt but at least from my experience the guy in the dojo doesn't seem to be a common ocurrence. I did like 7 runs for over 100 patients and never I did encouter him

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  • 3 months later...
On 7/4/2014 at 9:21 AM, Robinism said:

FUUUCK!!! I made it to level 12, and I only had ONE MORE PATIENT left to pick up... but the time ran out. f*ck this. I will never do this again.

Funny enough, I have to go back and correct myself on this one. Today, almost seven years later, I reinstalled GTA 3 on my PS4 for some causal gameplay. I was planning to do the story missions and some side stuff, because I remembered how tough the goddamn Paramedics mission was. 😅 But today I FINALLY managed to conquer it, reaching Level 12!


Patience really is the key. After learning exactly where the patients tend to spawn and getting a sense on how to divide the routes properly, this mission is in fact manageable. But it is the hardest one in all of the PS2 era GTA games, at least for me. The worst thing is failing at level 8-11 and have to start all over again.


This might be my biggest video game achievement up to this point! Haha.

Edited by Robinism
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