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I can’t really tell you much, I don’t have much time. Maybe it’s the rain, or snow,

I don’t know. I have to leave this hotel room soon though, there is

this play in 5th tonight I want to go. It’s about a man who dedicated his live in

helping others but never got anything back. Anyway, it’s like the

feeling you get after … nevermind, you’ll know what I mean … life is just a game.


So, still I type here on my laptop. And still the sound of the falling water

gets me in the mood. It just feels so quiet now, silence really surrounds

this place. I really need to get up, dress up and go downstairs. The

play will start soon and you know how hard it is to find the theater with no map.


Well, I’m off now, the rain stopped and it’s a fine city night. I will release

my worries from their duties and I’ll head towards a nice time. I don’t have a date

or anything, it’s just me, but hey … that’s fine by me. I’ll catch you guys later.






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Something tells me you've posted in the wrong forum, either that or I've missed the GTA IV reference completely.

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