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Need help with flyingschool!


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I've passed the first two test in flyingschool, but I cant go further, because its so damn hard to control the plane gently to the left or to the right, with the keyboard or with the mouse.


Please help me through this hard task!


My url: http://gtasnp.com/7136


I know I suck, but I really want to get rid of this quick.

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I'll try, I think I can do this


For: Krabba

Missions: Learning to Fly completed

Helper: Zoomzoom (zmoonchild)

Link: http://gtasnp.com/download/7137



user posted image


NO CHEATS were used.



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Ok I've done the school and will do Zero's too. What about N.O.E ?


For: @...


Link: http://gtasnp.com/7173

Notes: Still 1 Zero mission left. There should be phone-call waiting.


Next time please post request in seperate topic and follow the guidelines: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=208616

Edited by GTA Phreak
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