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World not showing up.


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I just installed SA:MP yesterday, it seems to run well and I've been in the GTANet server from time to time. The problem is that San Andreas takes forever to load up making the game hard to play. Here's a screenshot.


user posted image


Most models won't show up at all (except for cars, weapons, characters) and most of the time the ground is "invisible", as you can see in the screenshot. Anyone had this issue before? Any reasons as to why this happens and any solution for it?

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Taste Of Chaos

Looks like a f*cked GTA3.img to me.


Try reinstalling SA completely, should fix it. icon14.gif

Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime, temptation will lean on the doorbell.
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Yeah, don't use lots of Mods, in Multiplayer Games. Always have a backup, and use it for SAMP/MTA.

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