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Signature and Avatar Request

The Killa

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Name: "The Killa" on the bottom left of the sig. In small font, preferably




Size: Smaller than normal. I'll put this with the center tags, just to have you bear in mind


Theme: Just Niko and the "other dude" fighting.


Colors: Not much to say other than have the outline of the sig a black line


Additional info: n/a



Avatar: http://www.soccerfiesta.net/wp-content/upl...an_utd_logo.jpg.


Make it transparent, possibly?



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user posted image




user posted image


.gif version:


user posted image

If you could eliminate the black square around my name, and make the name font a little smaller, it would be perfect!



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A little late, but here's one I made a while back that never got any use. Feel free to use or alter to your liking.


user posted image



imo, looks better without any text.

Edited by geomy

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