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Hydra Fighter Jet


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All i can do when i get in it is go up and down how do i fly forward


it is making me very mad angry.gifangry.gif


Anyone know what to do

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If you're on PS2 push the analog stick forward. you go forward

Push the right analog stick forward.

You'll see the camera angle change slightly (it'll jump) and that'll tell you you're in plane mode as a oppose to heli mode.

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The thrusters can be positioned for vertical take-off and landing or for normal (horizontal) flight - or anywhere in between for a combination that can give you a slow and so easy to control horizontal flight.


Remember to raise the undercarriage (the wheels) when you've taken off. It has a great effect on the flight characteristics. And remember to lower it again before you land.




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@16 Roses: Dont go around in every topic and correct everybody mistake like you did here for your own sake. wink.gif


Ok I'll add the right controls for PC.


When you get in the Hydra it is in Vertical takeoff mode (helicopter mode). To fly it this way simple use the controls as you would if you were in a helicopter. To make the hydra go from helicopter mode to flying mode press and hold NUM2.


The hydra will slow gain forward momentuim and start flying. The controls are the standrard flying controls. To make the hyra go back into helicopter mode, press and hold NUM8 and the hydra will go back into helicopter mode.


Edited by ryan92
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  • 4 years later...

For PC, after entering hydra, press W to lift up like a heli. Make sure you fly high enough. The higher, the better. After that, to switch to flying mode, press numpad 8 about 2 sec. When the hydra has fully turn into flying mode, the hydra will loose altitute slightly. This shows that it is in flying mode. To accelarate, press W. To turn the rudder, press Q or E. To yaw, press A or D. To view the back of hydra to see if other hydra is chasing you or not, press Q and E at the same time. To gain altitute, press the down arrow key. Hope this helps.

Edited by demolisher
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