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Why my IP keeps changing?


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Go to:

Start > Run > type "cmd"

user posted image

A Dos box should could up, type "ipconfig /all"

user posted image

It will show you your connection info, keep this window open, you'll need it later.

Open up your wireless connection properties by either clicking your wireless icon in the system tray and selecting "Properties":

user posted image

or going to:

Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections

and selecting your wireless connection and clicking "Properties".

Now in the properties window, there should be a box with "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" at the box of the list, you may have to scroll down.

user posted image

Click on it, and click on properties under the box.

It should open up an ip window. Check the boxes "Use the following IP address:" and "Use the following DNS server addresses" like below:

user posted image


Now fill in the information from the black DOS box from earlier into this window, when you're done, press Ok.


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