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Trucking 8


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Is level 8 of Trucking possible at all? Those cops keep unnataching (or smth) my trailer, and then or I reattach or not reattach the trailer. If I do the after 20ft it unnataches again..



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The game gives you random tractors to haul your load with:


1) Tanker

2) Road Train

3) maybe the Linerunner too, but I’m not sure.


Anyway, you can start the mission over and over until you get the Road Train as your tractor; it’s the fastest out of all three tractors available in the game. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the Road Train; the game determines that for you, so it may take a few trys to get it.


The Road Train should help you a little bit in the speed department.


You can also avoid the cops by using the railroad line, however, Police Mavericks tend to shoot more often if you attempt that route; as least it seems like they do.

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Ok.. but I get random places to go, can u show me some maps with railroads to the destinatoins?

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There's the map in the game, it shows you the entire railroad line.

Just pause the game once you enter the Tractor, and determine which is the best route; there are only two ways to go on the Railroad Line from the start of the Trucking mission: clockwise or counter-clockwise. smile.gif

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I was recently stuck on the 8th trucking mission too...


I think you just have to get lucky, as in police and swat cars just don't spawn as much.


I got lucky and had a real close one on the edge of Las Venturas (mostly Redsands West is the destination)



user posted image


This is the closest destination I think so keep failing until you get that one (H).

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Luck does come into it - A LOT

It depends a lot on how the police vehicles (Rangers and Enforcers) spawn and how they act.

It helps quite a bit if the destination is in south west LV, but it's possible even if it's in north east LV.




Drive fast!

When police vehicles come from ahead of you they will turn towards you - but they'll stop a bit short so you can easily swerve around them. It helps a bit if you steer a bit towards them as they're approaching because then they'll stop a bit shorter.


When police vehicles come up from behind you, you can "scrape them off" by getting them to drive into bridges, telegraph poles or other vehicles. But they're the most dangerous ones. They're faster than you and they'll usually aim at the coupling and make the trailer jump over them or swing round them and uncouple.


If you do lose the trailer then you may as well give up. If you do manage to hitch it up again you'll probably be so damaged that you won't make it to the destination.

If you have stopped or slowed down for any length of time then the police helicopter will be shooting at you and any police vehicles nearby will try to park under the coupling on the trailer to block you from re-coupling or will drive into the trailer to turn it just as you're lining up to re-couple on it.


Remember that you don't have to stick to the road, especially when you are getting near your destination. It can sometimes help to drive the last bit "cross country" if there's an open route to your destination. But drive a bit slower and more carefully when you take to the open ground. It's rougher land and the trailer can be uncoupled if you hit a big bump or other obstacle.


Know the layout. Especially the way in to the destinations. I've often been defeated by having to drive around the block trying to find an entrance. Know where you can get off the highway onto the bridges without using the slip roads.


And finally...

It is possible, but it's very difficult


One of the easiest destinations is on the open road outside LV airport.


I do suspect that it's easier with the big open trailer and that the worst one is the fuel tanker. That seems to become uncoupled the easiest.


A lot of people have said that it's easier to drive along the railway tracks. I've never found this to be the case. I usually can't even get onto them!


The route along the roads shown by 0mfg0rz is the one I prefer to take. I usually don't even bother to check where the destination is unless I can get to the mine workings just outside LV



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