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Help! Player.dll glitch!


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sad.gif please help, im new at modding and I didnt know how to install a mod, so i made a dumb mistake and replaced the player.dll file with the modded file (george bush mod) because i was hoping that would work it. I forgot to back it up, and whenever i booted up, it had a messed up CJ, and his body was all over the place. I soon tried to download another modded player.dll file to fix it, and now the game crashes whenever the game loads a save file or starts a new game. I uninstalled the game multiple times, rebooted my computer a few times and no luck. Somebody please please please post the original player.dll file so i can replace it. Thanks, I really appreciate your help.

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No. That's not allowed. Delete the .SET file in SA user folder, found in my documents.


Remember to make backups, SET file is most likely the problem you

currently face, or you may even just need to start a new game (could

be ignorant to SCM rules and installed mod not knowing etc)


LUCK FOR A BUCK!!!!! f*ck Yea!


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bai. -jllr

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Ok, I found the backup file, i forgot i actually did back it up! We'll i replaced the f*cked up player.dff and i put in the normal one. I was surprised however, when i started it up it crashed just like before!! seriously wtf, can anyone help me?


I just want to erase everything san andreas on this computer so it will install from scratch again, somebody please help me do this and reply as soon as you can!

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Sorry for double posting, but I need help and after this comment is like the 3rd, everyone thinks its answered, i sill need somehelp here.. confused.gif



.... ORLY? orly.gif

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