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GTAF Photography Topic

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Super quality for a phone. I'm always amazed by this. Nice photos ^   Couple of photos I took this evening. Our family dog..      

Pretty rare to see fog covering the inlet. It's a shame it started to burn off the second I got there.   I'm thinking the photo could have been better if I didn't include the shore.. I dunno, it's

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12 minutes ago, KDA said:

Any specific models I should be on the lookout for?


I just went digging in my garage and actually found an old Canon EOS Rebel II with a 35-80mm lens attached. Battery is dead and it has no film so who knows if it still works.

Minolta XD-11, Canon T-90, Minolta Maxxum 7000, Canon F-1, Ricoh XR-1, Mamiya RB67, Nikon F2 (I consider this camera the best of Nikon), Mamiya 645 or any Olympus OM series.

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Holy sh*t I am an idiot. I bought a film to digital converter machine thinking I could just take photos on my film camera, then unroll the film straight from the canister to the converter, easy peazy. I thought the converter would negate the need to develop the film lmao.




Now I have to buy darkroom equipment and a development kit and deal with the toxic chemicals. 😂

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If anyone has any of the Adobe CC Photography subscriptions, you might be able to get 2 months free if you choose to cancel it. Just before you cancel it, they'll offer you 2 months of Photography (PS and LR / 1TB) for free. Other offers include of one year of the Photography (1TB) plan for with a $5 discount per month for 1 year to bring it to $15/month for 1 year, rather than the normal $20/month.


I was planning to drop my subscription from 1TB to 20GB since I don't need the cloud storage, and now I get two months free and switching the subscription anyway following the two months.

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