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GTAF Photography Topic

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Super quality for a phone. I'm always amazed by this. Nice photos ^   Couple of photos I took this evening. Our family dog..      

Pretty rare to see fog covering the inlet. It's a shame it started to burn off the second I got there.   I'm thinking the photo could have been better if I didn't include the shore.. I dunno, it's

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A few more snaps from my Google Pixel:


Giant Redwood Trees, Tatton, Cheshire.






Swan Lake, Nostell, Yorkshire





'The Cage', Lyme Park, Cheshire.






Azaleas, Hare Hill, Cheshire.



Edited by ~Tiger~
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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Now I haven't been harassed for photography but once by some crummy business owner with his dirty BMW M5. But today I finally had a security guard tell me no that I could not take a picture of something. Mall code of conduct has no regulations on photography. They even have an Instagram posting all kinds of stuff from and around the mall and encourage people to tag the location in their photos. So if there's no regulations on photography then you can't really say "no" but I'm always polite in that I ask and obey their orders... until they're not around. I walked somewhere waiting for him to leave and came back and got my pictures anyway. If other security guards don't care then why should I listen to one who says otherwise lol? I remember having a long talk the first time I started taking pictures at that mall with another security guard who understood what I was doing and expressed he was only concerned because people would sit there amd take pictures of people. Weird lol.


Sucks that there's always gotta be that one guy...

Edited by Scaglietti
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Super quality for a phone. I'm always amazed by this. Nice photos ^


Couple of photos I took this evening. Our family dog..







Edited by Mister Pink
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Your composition in those photos is great. Well done man.


Thanks but the credit goes to the technology.


It's fairly common knowledge that I can't actually see very well. My camera bleeps when the scene is in focus and I take lots and lots of shots from what I think are good viewpoints. The pictures are uploaded to my google account and when I get home I can see them on the big monitor, choose the best and bin the rest. I can also tweak the light and colour balance.


Here's a few more....









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Again, nice photos but I appreciate your modesty. The camera is only as good as the person behind it. Like I said, your composition is great and that is purely in your hands. I took some photos out and about today but will post later.. Ended up at an old arcade with an original Outrun board from 1994. Also was playing Superman. Fun times!




Coffee and food yesterday...the goats cheese was delicious!





Edited by Mister Pink
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Bank Holiday Weekend in UK....



Wisteria Lodge.






Rare Buddleia






Silver Birches






Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley









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