SA Vehicle Special Abilities Editor v1.1 Last update : 01 january 2008 Sources :   This tool works like my `More Cars With Up/Down Lights` plugin : << GTAForums topic >>   Description : Using this you can use models with special abilities (like ZR350 - lights , Dozer - bucket etc) at any ID .   Special abilities : BUCKETs - bucket like `Dozer` has. CISTERNs - cistern like `Cement` has. PACKERs - elevator like `Packer` has. TRUCK_HOOKs - hook like `Truck` has. TRACTOR_HOOKs - hook `Tractor` has. ADV_HYDRALICs - advanced hydralics (Bandito and HotKnife). WATER_JETs - water jets like Firetruck and Swatvan have. TURRETs_1 - 1st type of mooving turrets (Swatvan and Rhino). TURRETs_2 - 2nd type of mooving turrets (Firetruck). UP/DOWN_LIGHTS - mooving lights like ZR350 has. TRAILER_HOOKs - trailer hooks like Linerun , Petrol etc have.   Download here: