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Any Way To get GTA:SA to work with an X1300 Pro?


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I'm new to this community, and to the game.


I cannot get GTA to run properly with the current card i have (ATI Radeon X1300 Pro, if you hadn't guessed).

My game repeatedly locks up within minutes of playing the game.

This isnt the only game it does this on, CoD4 for example. But with CoD 4, I can play for a good 10-25 mins before it crashes (still annoying though).


Basically, is there any fix to get SA to play without OpenGL, or to get OpenGL on an X1300 Pro card., or might there be something else causing the problem?


System Specs, Because Im too lazy to read and type smile.gif


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Did you install any mods? If so, remove them.


If this doesn't work, try updating your video card drivers then delete [.set] file (located in My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files)

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