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Helicoper Takeoff Mission Problem (PS2)


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i have GTA: San Andreas on PS2, i do the Helicopter Takeoff mission at the Flying School, i click X to accelearate, then i release the X button, then they say to rotate the helicopter, i click L2 it dosen't work, i click R2, it dosen't work. I try to move the LEFT ANALOG STICK, it dosen't work either!. I try another controller, and it works, but the left analog stick is broken! dontgetit.gif !. But the controller that came with my PS2 works!, but i don't understand why it dosen't work in the mission!, i mean i use the left analog stick, to move CJ, it works!. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY IT DOSEN'T WORK IN THE MISSION!!! And no my controller is not broken. What should i do please help!! PLEASE, i wanna finish the game!! cryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gif .


If you do help me, thanks smile.gif

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This is a long shot, but sometimes my controllers 'stop' working properly because I've accidentally pressed the turbo button (repeatedly activates a button)


Try starting the mission, see if it works, if not remove the controller, put it back in, try again.


If that doesn't work, try cheating(or any other way) and spawning a helicopter and see if the controls work in a helicopter outside the mission

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