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''Teh Pit'' ?


Recommended Posts

The Pit was the forum where 50% of members who registered in 2007 permanently killed their GTAForums.com reputation.

Whereas you had to do it without the pit. tounge.gif

I believe this quote deserves a Zing.

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I got banned in teh pit. Then Mark realized who he was f*cking with. cool.gif



Does anyone ever actually use that smiley?

Only when we want to sound cool! cool.gif

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I was the second top poster in the thread where we'd ban Ottae if we reached 1,000 posts.

He was unbanned the next day.

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Are 06's allowed to participate?


Nonetheless, I guess it could be good, because it can let people just roll their feelings for others out.

1) Yes, they are. BUT!

2) You wouldn't want to start a thread. Then someone will make one about you and you go down to hell...


Friendly tip: Teh Pit. Avoid if possible.


/me rins

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Damn, if it comes back ill be really p!ssed off.

I really should of registered the day before.

Ha ha ha ha! I had to think about it for a minute...



It's a lot funner to watch people make idiots out of themselves while you sit back and watch. That's what I did. TG I didn't post since I never knew the rule.

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