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Textures missing

The Hero

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Hello folks,

I know that GTA III is old but I still like it and recently wrote (or better rewrote) a txd exporter for the PS2 version. Everything works well so far but there are some textures missing. For example: 3D8ball.dff requires two textures which are supposed to be in 3d8ball.txd. Unfortunately there is only one of them.

I opened the gta3.img with a hexeditor but there was only one occurance of the texture's name (8ball3d), in the dff of course.

That would mean it must be in another file.

But in which? I looked in all of the txd files, that are not in the img and even in the sles. Furthermore it is not the only missing Texture. There are many others and I wonder where they can be.

I hope you can help me though I doubt that.


Edit: I checked the PC textures out and came to the conclusion that the textures don't exist there either. Not even ingame.

Why did R* delete some textures? Or am I the only one who hasn't got all textures? o_O

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I don't think so.

Look inside 3d8ball.txd and see if there is more than one texture wink.gif

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Is it the 8-Ball sign from Shorside Vale? Check inside the game to see if the ball is white.

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It is white. In the PS2 and PC Version. Am I the only one with those missing textures?

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What the Hell? No, there's just a texture missing, that's all.

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