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How To Star Make My Own Mods ?


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Hey Guys !!

Look ... I like to start to make my own mods but I don't know any programe or something like that ! confused.gif

Can you help how to start ?


Thanks in Advance !! smile.gif

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You should use Gmax (or 3dsmax) I reccomend gmax,download KAMS max scripts for Gmax and then start making your mods! biggrin.gif

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You can download Gmax here...http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax/ you can also download a tutorial on the same page. I tried it and it's pretty good.

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If you wan't to start your own mod, you need to know what kind of mod you want to do. Like if you wan't to do a Total Conversion of the game, you need to know how to script missions, model the city, make textures etc. And if you just want to do a simple change of some of the textures used, you just need TXD Workshop.


GMax - For modeling 3d, and yes it's free.


TXD Workshop - For changing the in-game texture files.


Sanny Builder - For scripting missions, change car spawns etc.


Starters Guide To Total Conversions - Read this before you start a Total Conversion.

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this sucks every version sucks. i change the texure correctly but when i change to much texture things, my game starts crashing in random places. wtf do i do wrong. is it because i change to much or wtf. i dont get the error thing. every thing is right. i change walls taggins gangsters. and wtf its. stupid. i cant even play the f game. f all this

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