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Gta 4 Time season's.


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I was Wondering, that since gta 4 runs on the r.a.g.e., will there be real time , and have real months and days, and seasons to go along with it,i=and would of getting your own apartments and have to pay your bill's like in real life be cool. your insight on this. sorry if someone already posted this, of this nature.

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Mr. flipgates1. Welcome back.

Your topic is too extreme. First of all, R.A.G.E. is the GRAPHICS engine, it has nothing to do with the time. Real time is just stupid as well, considering you have to wait a few days to do certain missions.

There is a calendar, but it will fly, just like in past GTA's. Seasons, unconfirmed, but rumoured, and most likely not in.

Paying bills? How about dusting your house as well? No major realism for a GTA game please.


EDIT: lol at your birthdate. We know your 14....

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