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Can't install any Mods in San Andreas


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Hey there, I just picked up San andreas off of Direct2drive from IGN (sigh) and I used to be able to mod it without any problem what-so-ever, but now if I try to install any type of car it's a no go, I click on the EXE and it just hangs, I've tried from GTAMM, and IMG tool 2.0, no matter what I just can't seem to install any car without it hanging, I've uninstalled and reinstalled at least 4 times now. In the lower right corner it says V3.00, it plays okay without installing any mods except it occasionally hangs at cutscenes.


Does anyone have any idea of what would be going on?

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Well, it's the version. That version is like a ban to modders. It doesn't allows modding at any form. JarJar once wrote a guide on how to override that security so you could modify it. It's in the Tutorials Forum. You should check it out. wink.gif

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the downgrader worked for me

did it work from the 3.0 version or the 2.0?

I have 3.0 and am looking for a way to be able to mod it.

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