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[REL|ALPHA|SRC] SA Version Checker

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But What Is This Even For? JUST compatibility? Is this for developing some kind

of app that will bridge the gaps in versions?


I'm not sure if you've noticed the amount of version issues that stem from tools that alter memory addresses, but its a lot. I made this so when people reported an error on my SA Limit Adjuster topic I would know that they had the right EXE, and prevent stupid bugs from being reported.

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anybody has that tool.pls upload it.



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Can you re-upload please ? . . . confused.gif

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Dude, you bumped a 2 year old topic, for a download link.

Also now i have something useful to add, Sacky you should add support for:


- Version 1.01 EU

- Version 2.0 EU

- Version 3.0 US

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You don't have to use this tool to check the MD5 hash...




Here is the topic on my forum for matching .exe versions. It contains sizes and sums and is being worked on so that hopefully we can list the most common .exe's that someone might have.


At the time of writing, here is what that list contains:


1.0 US Hoodlum - 14,383,616 bytes




1.0 US Hoodlum (no intro patch installed) - 14,383,616 bytes



1.0 EU - 14,386,176 bytes




1.1 US - (?)5,189,632 bytes(?)




These are just some that I've managed to get. Other people will need to post theirs in order to make any confirmations.

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i cant download


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link broken

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Pls: Please put in a new >Download-Link<. Or is there another solution as SA Version checker?


I learn to mod on this old game (GTA SA) right now and need to know which version of SA I use.


I know the treat is old but newbies don't care how old the infos are! Thanx 4 reading biggrin.gif

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1.0 EU ORIGINAL FILE (SIZE: 13,7 MB (14.405.632 bytes))




SHA256: 8C609F108AD737DEFFBD0D17C702F5974D290C4379DE742277B809F80350DA1C



1.01 EU ORIGINAL FILE AFTER UPGRADE (SIZE: 8,30 MB (8.708.096 bytes))




SHA256: 21B62771D9A74A93F25F5E90FCB80DA95F90D51C5EA58B2DB2AC23750F369043

CRC32: 917DE9CE


1.0 US HOODLUM (SIZE: 13,7 MB (14.383.616 bytes))




SHA256: A559AA772FD136379155EFA71F00C47AAD34BBFEAE6196B0FE1047D0645CBD26



1.0 HOODLUM (SIZE: 13,7 MB (14.386.176 bytes))


SHA256: 403EB9EC0BE348615697363033C1166BBA8220A720D71A87576A6B2737A9B765

CRC32: 1810C839


1.01 DEViANCE (SIZE: 15,0 MB (15.806.464 bytes))


SHA256: CD885D84BCBDACDDC27BDBD6676E376557F118F090E71E0DB7C746E72C949064

CRC32: E45688F7


THAT'S all. i don't have more copies to calculate their hashes :(

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