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i don't want to lose my vehicle


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allright, my topic title explains what i want.

i don't want to lose my vehicle, this means when i parked my car anywhere is san andreas after a while it

disappears, sometimes i saw that car thiefs actually steal my vehicle in front of me, but sometimes the whole vehicle dissapears.

i set up about 15 vehicles in abandoned airstrip but the cars keep disappearing one after another.

and there was no car thief too.


is there any solution...

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Only increasing an memory limit value but I'm not entirely sure. It's a game memory issue I think. Where once you're a certain distance away from the car, or been away from the car for so long the game removes it.

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i saw a limit adjuster for gta:vc

is there any for san andreas or other tools that do this kind of work.

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I think that if you leave the vehicle with an open door, it will be there later...

But that could be VC.

This tread is worthless

It's big, it's yellow, can't you f*cking see it?

user posted image


*I am happy with Vegas being banned, and I fully support the staff's decision to keep him banned.*!!!

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