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Hi smile.gif


I am an active member in the GTA SA Forums. I have noticed that there is been alot of stuff that requires a mod to take care of. I know crazyanurag is the mod of this forum and he does a great job of it.


However there have been quite a few times when I have been online and seen topics that require a mod to lock them or a mod to move them or a mod to lay down the law. Nuemerious times I have seen Justin, Waddy, STM and others dealling with this kind of stuff.


I'm suggesting that there be another mod, or just somebody that has the ability to lock and move topics in the SA forums area.


I'm not suggesting me. If I somehow got it, that would be great but this isn't a make me a mod topic.


General Discussion


General PC Chat


Mission Help

Cheats And Tricks


Merry Christmas


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If you see anything, hit the report button, thats what its there for.

We cannot go into every single topic made every single day and review it.


We have to rely on members to help us out by reporting.


They will be taken care of then.



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