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LMFAO - Underworld/Blue Hell entrances


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This is it GTA: San Andreas glitchers. Got TI2ophy?


Take advantage of when CJ walks into the doors that leads to the interiors up in the sky. But before he walks in, let him push a Bike/BMX inside! You may think it may disappear, or the door won't open up wide. But trust me, it CAN!


Let me tell you something though - this glitch has absoletely nothin' to do with me doing missions where cars spawning on the street are limited. It's just luck that will. sarcasm.gif



EDIT (Dec 24, 2007) Christmas Eve


This is a *VERY COMPLICATED* to explain - but an easy, interesting, fun & exciting glitch for everyone to perform. Let me now interview myself of what Glenster and me were talking about in GTAForums Messenger. biggrin.gif



Glenster: Does it work for all the motorcycles and bikes?





Glenster: Are doors for gyms the only exceptions to doors with entrance markers?


ROF: YES. Gyms cannot be entered while doing a mission, only safehouses and stores can. 



Glenster: Besides "Custom Fast Track," does the glitch work with other missions done with a buddy?


ROF: IT SHOULD. All I know for sure is that there is less chance of it happening with missions that don't have an NPC (non-playable characters such as Cesar/Woozie/Sweet/Kendl/Big Smoke/Ryder). This glitch also has nothing to do with less cars spawning - it just has something to do with doing missions. So I recommend unlocking all the possible safehouses and stores prior to trying to find underworld entrances with this glitch.



Glenster: You might want to make sure if it works with all or only some of the missions with buddies. Also, is having C.J. recruit someone outside of a mission enough for the glitch to work?


ROF: 100% of the time this glitch works when a friend follows you. Also, this can be possible if your friend is just sitting inside the car and not actually following you. However, you might have a problem trying to glitch areas that are very far away (sometimes it still works though). And this is not going to work for girlfriends as they can be abandoned during the upper world/lower world transitions. So try to experiment with every single mission in San Andreas.



Glenster: Also, is having C.J. recruit someone outside of a mission enough for the glitch to work?


ROF: Yes, that's all one needs! Just make your friend follow you wherever you go. As already mentioned above, it is still possible to glitch the several interiors if your friend is located away from you, but there's less chance of that happening. I think it seems to be mainly due to the mission scripts for these glitches to occur. Just to let you know, any mission-type vehicle can cause the interior's door to be glitched. There are missions where you ride on even MOTORCYCLES/BMX's! - those will glitch just about any interior as they won't and not allowed to disappear. For example, in the Burglary missions - the Boxville isn't allowed to disappear. If you place it close to the interior that you want to glitch and then you use a BMX to glitch the door of an interior, it will result in the aforementioned effects.


This glitch below can be done earlier on in the Sweet & Kendl mission.


user posted image


As you can see, mission-type vehicles (the BMX) aren't allowed to disappear and will allow you to glitch the doors. Even if it was far away and didn't use it to glitch the door - I could simply use an alternative vehicle to do the same thing.



EDIT: December 24, 2007



* During the  "Courier" missions, you get a small bike initially to glitch the several doors. If you place it near to any doorway leading to the interior, it won't disappear and the door will open up without it always closing. So this mission-vehicle alone can glitch all the doors around San Andreas without the need for us swapping save files.


* Also, another mission to be aware of is "The End of The Line" where Sweet's parked vehicle can be used to glitch the Johnson's house interior that is close by. However, there's a Binco clothes shop and a Bar shop a little far away from there. If one does not place Sweet's car or the SWAT tank close by, CJ's vehicle will disappear! Now regarding why faraway areas can still work, somehow the game is remembering the location of the SWAT tank and/or Sweet's vehicle and so it seems to follow you wherever you go, but not all the time.


* In the "Customs Fast Track" mission, it seems that you don't have to make Cesar follow you, and every single interior whether it be far away or near can be glitched! It makes me believe now that the mission itself could be a contributing factor. Although I think it is because unlike Sweet in "The End of The Line" mission, he doesn't try to follow you. I have my money on the mission itself being the main cause, though.


* In the "Valet" missions, if you park a serviced car near to the interior and use a bike to glitch the door, for some reason it won't work. You are probably thinking that all true missions let the GYM icon on the map disappear. But one also has to realize that the "Valet" mission has it's text colored in white and not the normal orange.


* In the... well, Glenster, if you could update me with some other missions apart from the storyline missions which can be used the perform the door glitches (I don't remember 'em) - that will definitely help out a lot of people who have completed the game 100%. Also, if possible, I would prefer if it isn't timed! biggrin.gif



What will always work:


1. Placing a mission vehicle near to the doorway, and then using another smaller vehicle to perform the glitch.

2. Using a mission vehicle such as the bike/BMX or motorcycle.


user posted image


user posted image





1. Any submission (the ones you trigger yourself via a button and the ones that doesn't cancel your mission automatically) will make this glitch possible.

2. If a storyline mission consist of a mission that doesn't involve a friend - this glitch is not going to work.

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Umm ok?

K, I tested it and most of the time it works for only the BMX/BIKE! Not motorcycle.


What I did was to do the "End of the Line" mission and stop at the destination spot (there's a BMX right there too). Now you should notice there are less cars spawning on the street! This means your current vehicle has almest 0% chance of disappearing. So use this advantage to glitch the doors that lead to the interiors!


I think motorcycles disappear since they take up more memory than regular bikes - considering that bikes are small, have no engine, and have no radio.



Badda Bing, Badda Boom biggrin.gif


user posted image

If you think I used mods/cheats or another Blue Hell entrance, ask yourself how ROF got the bike there in the first place.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


More soon to come...

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Hmmmmmm.....interesting, very interesting......let me try it out

user posted image


^ Guess what this is, dxk? It's "Home Street Home" but while flying under San Andreas. Has this glitch been found before me? alien.gif


I will update my previous post for more Blue Hell entrances that I find. If there are any questions or comments - I'll answer to them. The "End Of The Line" mission save file can be downloaded by using Google. If you want it specifically from me, I'll soon think about uploading it...

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Nice, a bmx inside the Jhonson house........so its true, the "legends"..........and it's DXK......not dsk(its just three letters folks)...........anyhoo.... cookie.gifcookie.gif


EDIT::.....seeing that ryder's car is still there, he isn't dead yet??

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seeing that ryder's car is still there, he isn't dead yet??

It's just a random spawn. You sure it ain't actually supposed to be there? Edit: Yeah, it supposed to be there. When I loaded my save file again, it didn't spawn. So Ryder's car can spawn whenever it wants, and a person dying doesn't mean that the car will "die" along as well. These screenshots were taken from the very last mission of SA by the way.


UPDATE: Using the GHOST TOWN (reduced traffic) cheat will not make this any easier and your bike can still disappear! You still have to take Sweet to East Los Santos during the mission "END OF THE LINE", and then somehow all the doors can be now glitched. Mystery ain't it?



I did the burglary missions and to my surprise it seems to make the doors around SA accessible! So this will put less stress for people trying to find save files just to get the mission. What I did was to place the Boxville close to the interior I want to glitch (I don't think I had to but just start the mission), and then use the bike.


The only interiors you can't glitch though are the GYMs.






1. Burglary - Make sure that the Boxville is close to the interior that you want to glitch and then use the bike to glitch the doors. Don't worry about the spawning levels, it doesn't matter.


2. End of The Line - Same rules as for the Burglary, although you sometimes might be able to glitch faraway areas.


3. Customs Fast Track - You can gltich all interiors without restrictions.


4. Courier/Pimping/Quarry/Trucking - You are controlling a mission vehicle, so this can be used to glitch all the doors!


5. "Basically ANY mission (I don't remember the specific contents of them) that has a vehicle with a blue- or purple-colored arrow above it that you can CONTROL! If it consists of only a friend with a colored arrow on top following you, then that should work as well."



Notice how in the video that cars were spawning rapidly and the glitch still worked!



Anyway, CUSTOMS FAST TRACK does the job for y'all! -> http://www.freewebs.com/dirtring/gtasasf8.b icon14.gif


Don't forgot that they may be more missions like this where this is possible. So it seems now that any mission that consists of one of your characters or friends is going to make these glitches possible.



I have found almost 10 underworld entrances in jsut 2 days!

user posted image





user posted image

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YouTube viewers *Glitch Instructions*


Flying under San Andreas just got easier via this glitch from TI2ophy (Ring_of_Fire)!


"Custom Fast Tracks" is ONLY 1 of those missions where several underworld glitches are possible. If you have a "friend" or a blue-arrowed vehicle during the mission, you can glitch the several doors in San Andreas that leads you to the void without triggering the interior itself. However, it doesn't work with the gyms.




CUSTOMS FAST TRACK - http://www.freewebs.com/dirtring/gtasasf8.b (Works 100%)


END OF THE LINE - http://www.freewebs.com/dirtring/GTASAsf7.b (Bikes spawn everywhere to make things easier. However, you need to carry Sweet's vehicle or the SWAT tank wherever you go for it to work 100%)



Timed missions that work:


- Burglary

- Courier

- Trucking

- Quarry

- Pimping

- NRG/BMX (Highly recommended because of teh infinite timer trick!



Regular missions that don't work:


- Valet

- Cop Wheels

- Any race tournaments




~~~MORE INFORMATION & UPDATES~~~ about the glitch



Also check out the "Video Responses" section.



Note: These glitches in San Andreas will NOT work if you are NOT doing a mission. You HAVE to do a mission! Some of these glitches can be done by doing regular submissions and most of them can be storyline missions, but not race tournaments.



Videos are up...



Video Glitch Responses -> http://www.youtube.com/video_response_view_all?v=a2ZMInhQBFA


Information Updates ->




And I still have more underworld glitches.  lol.gif











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